Welcome to Distributed Ledger Technologies for Research and Technology Development (RTD).

DLT4RTD seeks opportunities for science in the context of emerging in cryptoeconomy mainly known through the “blockchain”. This distributed ledger technology (DLT) was initiated in 2009 by a still unknown persona “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Blockchain mainly came into the public eye in the context of the volatile cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” and already bears great commercial promise by virtue of its innate decentralisation (no middleman), distribution (reliability), immutability (time stamping / append-only) and transparency (open source, smart contracts), especially for Fintech; yet, blockchain certainly (still) faces a multitude of significant challenges when connecting to the real world, for instance in terms of legal issues, user convenience, availability, security, data storage and even ecological aspects. Within this exciting “Web3” technology, Dr. Ducrée is particularly interested in re-structuring research and technology development (RTD) based on open-platform concepts to leverage crowdsourcing of expertise, infrastructure, equipment and samples for the benefit of democratisation / globalisation of RTD, validation and new deals on data; furthermore, synergies with highly disruptive 21st century technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things (IoT) and redistributed manufacturing (RDM) can be harnessed.

Please contact me for any ideas and comments.

Jens Ducrée – info@dlt4rtd.com

This website is still under development.